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Around the World in ... 800

"Interesting chronological contexts for global history....These attractive and accessible titles will provide useful information for reports and be of interest to leisure readers."--School Library Journal, February 2003

"...outstanding set which should be a part of any serious library collection."--Children's Bookwatch, January 2003

This exceptional series offers readers a global perspective on historical events occurring at the first half of five centuries. Each book covers events happening around the world-important historical developments in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. The text is divided into four or five parts, each part covering a particular continent. Each section contains discussions of different regions within the continent....Each text is illustrated throughout with captioned color maps and pictures. Appendices include a chronology, glossary, suggestions for further reading, and recommended sources of online information. Well written, informative, attractively designed and illustrated, and logically organized, these appealing books offer a unique and interesting approach to presenting world history. Index. Highly Recommended.--Library Media Connection, April/May 2003

Each book in the Around the World series looks at what was happening across nations during a particular era. History is usually taught as a linear progression within one civilization, but this broadened approach makes connections around the globe. Each book divides its subject geographically into four parts -Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas -and then spotlights two, three, or four civilizations. For example, 800 presents chapters on the Vikings; the Abbasid Empire, centered in Baghdad; the Golden Empire of Ghana; and the Maya....This well-designed series features many color reproductions of paintings, prints, and sculptures as well as photographs of sites and artifacts. Though each book moves quickly from place to place in an around-the-world tour, together the chapters create a stimulating series of impressions representing a variety of cultures. These may fill in some of the blanks between more traditional, curriculum-targeted history books. Each book ends with a chronology of world events, a glossary, a list of books and articles for further reading, and an annotated list of Web sites.--Booklist, June 1 & 15, 2003