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My Works

The Golden Age of Islam

"This informative, balanced book answers 'frequently asked questions' about Islam [and] also includes topics that are overlooked in other books, such as the role of women (with sidebars featuring notable women in Islamic history), the origin of the Shiite-Sunni split, and the genesis of the Arabian Nights tales."
--Book Links

World War I: Letters from the Homefront

A volume in the series Letters from the Homefront, "vivid accounts of the American home front during three wars.... With excerpts of letters from soldiers and their families, political leaders, and schoolchildren, the volumes consider the social, economic, and cultural climates of each era, as well as domestic war support and protests."
--Horn Book Guide

Around the World in ... 800

"Well written, informative, attractively designed and illustrated, and logically organized, these appealing books offer a unique and interesting approach to presenting world history...Highly Recommended.
--Library Media Connection, April/May 2003