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The Golden Age of Islam

"George manages to find her way through the intricacies and twisting alleys of Islamic history during the Abbasid period (750-1258 CE). In eighty pages, rich with colorful and carefully selected illustrations, charts, and insets, the author presents a wealth of information covering almost all aspects of Islam as a reigion and a way of life....The Golden Age of Islam is an important addition to the library of English works on Islam and Muslims. Its attractive presentation and fluid style make it accessible to a generation deprived of serious and attractive works on a rarely treated subject." --Middle East Studies Association Bulletin

"This is a superb account of the social, economic, political and religious life of early Islam. Students of Iraq will enjoy sections on the Sunni-Shi'a split, female Islamic leaders, and the life of girls and boys in Abbasid Baghdad." --Iraq in the Classroom from Mesopotamia to Modernity produced by Mercy Corps, Portland, Oregon

"This informative, balanced book answers 'frequently asked questions' about Islam, including history, religious tenets, and daily life during the 'golden age.' It also includes topics that are overlooked in other books, such as the role of women (with sidebars featuring notable women in Islamic history), the origin of the Shiite-Sunni split, and the genesis of the Arabian Nights tales. Photos on glossy paper stock, as well as a chronology, a glossary, a list of English words taken from Arabic, and a bibliography, complete the package." --Book Links

"A very attractive, informative history of Islamic civilization from the 8th to the 13th century CE. Though written for children of middle and junior high age, it would also be useful as a brief introduction to this period for older students....Highly recommended for ages ten and up."--Middle East Resources, Teaching Resource Center, Harvard University